Responses from Africa

GHR Dominican Global Project
“Futuring Dominican Charism for Mission
Sisters and Lay Partners Together”


What engages and inspires you in your Dominican life and mission today?

  • The spirit of family with the Dominican life in the Church.
  • The new ways of preaching and the zeal for mission that continued to bring forth the fruit of new life.
  • The Spirit of Dominic is lived in our Charism through the Dominican pillars.
  • The link that is there with other Dominican Congregations near and far.

Sr. Annie, OP- Zambia

  • The Dominican pillars and the many different Apostolates we are involved in.

  • Our Dominican Pillars and Charism.  They help me to be an effective preacher.

  • Living out the Spirit of St. Dominic practically in the four pillars of Dominican Spirituality.
  • The collaboration with the other Dominican family in order to Praise, to Bless and to continue Preaching the name of Christ in our different apostolates.

  • I have been inspired by the way of our life, especially community and prayer life.  We support each other and especially the love and concern shown to the young Sisters in support to their growth. Study has been the other inspiration, this helps us to reach out to people without fear.

What inspires me is the way of life of the Dominican Life which is full of Joy.  Besides the Dominican Charism which is a core value of Christianity:

  • Community life and prayer.
  • Our involvement in people’s lives.
  • Our organized life.

The Four pillars of the Dominican Missionary Sisters and there are:

  • Community Life
  • Prayer Life
  • Apostolate

The Dominican pillars that we have embraced in our life.

  • The Mission that we are all called to preach God’s love and presence in all our apostolates.
  • The dream that Dominican Sisters have that one day to work with a common goal and be one.

  • The love that springs out from community life especially the living out of the four pillars of our Dominican Life that is life-giving to me and others.
  • Evangelization of the Word of God inspires me and I feel God’s call to Dominican life has deepened my faith in God and I have a deep sense of belonging to the mission set before me and others.
    Sr. Gaudentia, OP

  • My inspiration in my O.P. life and mission comes from the realization that my call is a pure gift and the mission is not mine but God’s. I am also inspired by the faith of other Ops and the people with whom I work or interact.
  • The needs that I see around me keep me engaged and I feel drawn to contribute in whatever way I can e.g. creating time to listen attentively to a student who is hurting.
    Sr. Lucy, OP

  • The spirituality of the order and the apostolate of being called to evangelize to the people.
    Sr. Seline, OP

  • Dominic sacrificed most of his time praying to God and even helping the poor.
  • I think as Dominicans we are called for this same spirit.
     Juliana, Aspirant

  • As Dominic did, we need to work tirelessly to bring Dominican family together not only the Sisters but also the brothers, nuns and the Lay people.
     Lucia, Candidate

  • Prayer life and community living.
  • It is through prayer that I receive inspirations and the same inspirations I share in the community and outreach.
    Sr. Prisca, OP

  • The unity which the sisters have in the community.
    Lillian, Candidate 

  • The commitment and zeal of the sisters in carrying out their apostolic work.
  • The spirit of joy expressed in our way of living.

  • I believe that the spirit is calling us as Dominicans to reach people in different countries world-wide through increasing our out-reach but are interacting with not only religious people and through that we may be able to reach many people as Dominican Missionaries.
    Veronica, Candidate 

  • The giftedness of each Sister and how they use their gifts.
  • Prayer life individually and in community.
  • The emphasis on study which encompasses all aspects of one’s life, spiritual, psychology, social etc.

  • The giftedness of each Sister and how they use their gifts.
  • Prayer life individually and in community.
  • The emphasis on study which encompasses all aspects of one’s life, spiritual, psychology, social etc.

  • The Dominican way of life which unfolds itself in the four pillars: Prayer, Study, Community life and Apostolates.  Also the international spirit which has led to the formation of this very project.  The missionary spirit and presence within our continent and beyond helps me and encourages me to feel at home wherever I find myself and interact with people.
    Sr. Florence, OP

  • That in parts of the world there is a good number of prayerful, truly convinced and committed Dominicans, living out their Dominican Charism in many different apostolates.
  • The greater ( and promoted) awareness that we are all international family with felt togetherness.
  • The past that Dominican Sisters make themselves available and invest their energies in projects like this one, the GHR Dominican Global project.
    Sr. Rosemarie,  OP

  • My personal convictions of vocation to Dominican Order, I feel sent to spread the gospel through my words, and actins. It’s a calling each day and if someone will experience God’s love and compassion through me, then the gospel has been preached.  Strong community life strengthens me and I go out able to give a loving service to the people I serve.  Have expressed a strong spirit of joy in my congregation (O.P. family) and feel proud to belong.  Regular prayer life, person and communal prepare me for the mission. I love the Church and feel the need to preach the Catholic faith.  I see the Dominican life and Charism as continuation of Jesus’ Mission.
    Sr. Bernadette, OP

  1. What are your hopes and dreams for the future of our Dominican Mission?

My hope and dream is to keep the Spirit of St. Dominic alive in each one of us.

To remain open to go on mission.

My hope is that the Dominican family continues to grow spiritually and the Lord will grant us more and lasting Vocations.

My dream is to see the Dominican family united and grow in order to reach out to as many people as possible.

To impart our Dominican Charism to lay faithful and youths so that we can work hand in hand with them in our mission and this will improve our evangelization in our various apostolates.

We hope to engage in shared apostolates with other Dominican families e.g. Brothers, Sisters, Lay fraternity and the youth.

We dream to find new ways of preaching the word of God in our different countries in order to remain relevant in today’s’ world.

To reach out to people especially where we are not known.

To be ready to move like our father Dominic, who encouraged his brothers to go on mission.

Readiness to be sent on mission.
To live what we preach.

My dream is to have a vibrant Dominican Sisters and Lay Preachers who can indeed proclaim the truth about God. My dream is to have a Dominican spiritual centre where people can renew their Dominican Spirit and have retreats in order to win souls of people to God.

I hope to see our Congregation being more daring in taking risks that can make us respond well to the needs of the time.

I dream for a more vibrant Dominican Congregation with many young vocations.

My hopes and dreams are that we remain united as Dominicans committed and help each other to go forth and bring people to Christ.

I hope this project will bone fruits and the desire of the Dominican Sisters will be met.

To deepen our Dominican Family in order to make our Family ties with the Laity, our mission for all people.
Sr. Gaudentia, OP

My hope and dream are that the O.P. bridge that we’ve began to build around the globe grow so that our collaboration in preaching gets stronger.

I also hope and dream that we could have combined OP formation programmes once in a while especially for those preparing for different stages in their life.
Sr. Lucy, OP

That we may keep our Charism and identity as Dominicans.
Fr. Seline, OP

To be united as one family in order to help each other practice our Charism.
 Juliana, Aspirant

To reach the places where Christianity is low to win the hearts of the people in those places.
 Lucia, Candidate

My hopes and dreams for the future of our Dominican Mission is to pray and promote vocations for continuity of our Dominican Charism.
Sr. Prisca, OP

The willingness to help or correct a person when she has done wrong.
 Lillian, Candidate

To strengthen the bond between Dominican Congregations and work towards oneness.

My hopes are that we will have more and lasting Vocations, through intensive vocation promotion using the media.

  1. To have home Youth projects to reinforce the recruitment of Lay Dominicans.
  2. To have self-sustaining projects within communities.
  3. To have collaboration with other Dominicans from other Congregations


  • Reaching out to the people especially in those countries where we are not known.
  • Strengthening our relationships with the Dominican associates by involving them in some of the projects and inviting them to attend our celebrations.
  • Exchanging visits with some Dominicans world-wide so as to promote unity, sense of belonging and creating opportunities to learn from each other.

  • To be more united as a Dominican family not only on paper, but also through physical interactions and visitations (exchange visitations) in order to learn more from each other.

  • That the Dominican family survives and that the Dream of Dominic’s mother, the fire of God’s love enkindled all over the world, may be realized even more effectively.
  • That a Dominican presence is established in every country of the world.
  • That Dominicans promote even more effectively understanding, justice, peace, reconciliation in our past changing and world.
    Sr. Rosemarie, OP

  • I feel the need for strong background in theology. I need to understand the word myself first, in order to help others understand it.  With that back group, it would be easy to see the reality in the word and the word in the reality. We also need to know and understand the teaching of the Catholic faith, to be able to respond to challenging questions about Catholic faith.  Initial formation is the right stage for on-going formation to be in depth.
    Sr. Bernadette O.P.

3. What do you believe the Spirit is calling us to?

I feel the Spirit is calling us to become more connected with the different Congregations of the Dominicans World over.

To be readers of the present day to day situations and respond positively through evangelization.

To be more enthusiastic in living the Dominican values, preaching and reaching out to the world around us.

To intensify the study of the word of God and our Dominican Spirituality as we follow Christ in the footsteps of St. Dominic.

The spirit is calling us to build a strong foundation of Lay Dominicans wherever we are found.

To stand as a sign of hope in the world where there is a lot of corruptions and injustice through preaching the Gospel of Truth, Salvation and Love.

To continue answering God’s call to Praise, to Bless and Preach his name in the midst of many challenges of today.

As Brother Bruno preached on the feast of St. Dominic that we learn to bless People at all times in order to give them hope in their lives.

  • To live what we preach.
  • To love unconditionally.
  • To be ready to serve.

  •  To love all
  • To be committed in our service

  • The spirit is calling to renew our spirit of zeal and courage in bringing out the truth about God.
  • The spirit is calling us to be open and take a risk life our Father Dominic.

  • I feel and believe the spirit is calling us to a renewal and re-evaluation of our life in order to see the signs of the time.

  • The spirit is calling us to work together and carry out the mission that our founder started. The Dominicans all over the world we need to stand together.
    Sr. Theresa, OP

  • To intensify on Vocation Promotion through prayer and zeal for Preaching the Word of God.
    Sr. Gaudentia, OP

  • The spirit is calling us to pull our energies together so that we find creative ways of preaching the Word in order to respond to the needs of time.
    Sr. Lucy, OP

  • To evangelize to the people and live by our Motto as Dominicans.
    Fr. Seline, OP

  • To mean what we preach through our deeds and actions e.g. to inspire others through words and actions.
  • To pray for more vocations to ensure the continuity of our charism now and future.

  • Love and care which they show to a person when she is not feeling well.
  • The generosity of the Sisters.

My Dreams and hopes for the future

  • To see our Congregation growing.
  • To see the Congregation spreading to many places.
    Lillian, Candidate

  • To be passionate about our calling to Preach with our lives and this will give Birth to more vocations

  • I believe the Spirit is calling us to read the signs of our time and despond accordingly, especially in our quest to preach the truth.
  • Constant evaluation especially about our relevance in today’s world.

  • To work as a family.
  • To invite Dominicans from other branches to facilitate workshops, Retreats etc.

  • I believe the spirit is calling us to be more proactive in our apostolates and missionary commitment, as well as to be more vibrant as a united Dominican family regardless of our continents or global differences. (To form a strong bond) as one Dominican Family.
    Sr. Florence, OP

  • To develop further our spiritual eyes and ears, so as to understand more deeply the often dramatic, confusing and ever challenging signs of our times.
  • O further promote contemplation so that we become one with God (contemplate), acquire his vision (contemplate) of the world sand its people, and then hand on to people and creation the Truth of God’s love and of His vision of the world and its challenges.
  • To further strengthen our international bond.
    Sr. Rosemarie, OP

  • To review our commitment to our Dominican Charism.
  • To understand our Charism at grassroots.
  • To share and collaborate more with the laity in Mission.
    Sr. Bernadette, OP